Who are the Silver Foxes?

Silver Fox Comics

Who are the Silver Foxes?

Silver Fox Comics is a graphic novel publisher based in Sydney, Australia. Their aim is to create comics for everyone, and produce a graphic novel each year till the day they die!


Founded in 2011, their debut release was producing new material for Zorro Productions. In 2012 and 2013, they produced the best selling graphic novel collection Zombie Cities. In 2014, they embark upon their very first all ages graphic novel titled The Adventures of Rudy Cool.

This infamous outfit is run by the Silver Foxes - Sorab Del Rio and Don Ticchio.

But what can you tell me about the Silver Foxes?

10 Things about Sorab Del Rio

1. He is a single dad of 2 daughters - Rio and Ria. They are covered in fur and have 4 legs. They are the loves of his life.

2. He ls a mongrel of 50% Chinese, 25% Sri Lankan and 25% Portuguese.

3. He would like to own a comic book store, a jewellery company, become a day trader and write a novel.

4. He loves Salsa music and old school soul and rnb. 

5. He was conceived under a palm tree. His parents met at a fancy dress party where his father appeared dressed as Zorro.

6. He loves comics - favourites change all the time but his current favouties are Sin Titulo, Sin City, Incognito and Calvin and Hobbes.

7. He is also currently obsessed with getting books from his childhood - the Berenstain Bears and Alfred Hitchcocks Three Investigators.

8. He would like to live for 3 months a year in New York, Sydney, Brazil and Tokyo.

9. He offers free kisses and bites to beautiful women. 

10. He has funded his love of creating comics in various ways from his day job, working as a masseuse and becoming selling dvds. His first comic was Skunge NYPD many moons ago.

10 Things about Don Ticchio

1. His moustache is real.

2. He has 3 daughters - Jessica, Laura and Stephanie. They unfortunately only have 2 legs.

3. He is 100% Italian and married to Maria.

4. He likes listening to talk back radio - favourite subjects are tantric sex and the arts.


5. He wanted to be an illustratator artist but Maria said she would not marry a starving artist.

6. He wanted to be a carpentar.

7. He loves comics - favourites include Tintin, Prince Valiant, Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Marvel classics. He has worked on Australian comics including Issue One Zero Assassin and Cyberswine, Australian War Stories and The Southen Squadron.

8. He makes the world famous Ticchio salami once a year.

9. He likes to wear hats.

10. He cannot offer free kisses as he is happlily married to Maria. However Maria said his services are available for a price.


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