Zombie Cities Graphic Novel - International Best of Edition

Image of Zombie Cities Graphic Novel - International Best of Edition


From the beaches of Bondi to the bright lights of Times Square, to the throne rooms of Buckingham Palace and even the The White House - Zombies are everywhere!

In Sydney, a father goes in search of his daughter with the only weapon every Aussie should have - a cricket bat signed by Donald Bradman. It smashed the Poms and it’ll smash Zombies. In Washington DC, President Obama rolls up his sleeves to get the job done and goes on the attack with ‘The Beast’.

In old London town, Princes William and Harry embark on a do-or-die battle to keep the greatest secret of the Crown safe. As they tell Princess Catherine, “She may be a Zombie, but she’s our grandmother.” In Chicago at the NBA finals, the Chicago Brains are down 20 points in the final quarter, as their star player Leroy Johnzon is out because he’s a Zombie! But Chicago wants to win so they let the Zombie play ball! And if you’re a pyromaniac, you’ll love it when a homeless man takes a bite of the big apple by blowing up a Zombie infested Times Square with explosive hot dogs.

Get your passport, ‘cause you’re about to enter Zombie Cities - a 100 page trip across the world of the undead!

This is an addition to the zombie genre unique in comicdom fusing zombies with politics, fashion, pop culture, cultural sensitivities, damn good storytelling, incredible artwork and some fantastic action.

Buy your copy today or you will get eaten by Zombies - order now!