The Adventures of Rudy Cool


Rudy Cool is a 15 year old secret agent for Yuppie Insurance. When things get stolen, Rudy’s got to steal them back! In this adventure, Rudy goes to Paris to retrieve The Ruby Love Diamond. But when he meets the 16 year old jewel thief Miss Boo, it's love at first sight! So what’s a secret agent who’s never been kissed supposed to do, when he meets the girl of his dreams? Arrest her for stealing the diamond or ask her out for a chocolate milkshake date? Plus with Big Bear Security led by Napoleon Bearnaparte, and Miss Boo's 3 monkeys Chico, Rico and Nico guarding her every move, Rudy’s in big trouble! With fun filled action and adventure, it's too cool for school and you're gonna love it! It's got it all from hijinks, heists, heart attacks and hypnosis, plus dating tips and romance, bubble gun, nerf guns, psychotic teddy bears, and even more!