Bazza the Bogan Barbarian - Australian Alien Invasion

Image of Bazza the Bogan Barbarian - Australian Alien Invasion

This is a pre-order- book will be shipped out by end to mid May 2017.

Bazza the Bogan Barbarian and the drop bears Thriller and Killer defend the family homestead in an Australian Alien Invasion

Meet Bazza the Bogan Barbarian, he barracks for Souths Sydney, he loves his Vegemite, he dunks his meat pies in beer, he smashed Zombies for six with a Bradman bat in a Sydney Zombie Apocalypse, and he hates hipsters and the Roosters.

When his childhood pet Dingo called Dingo is killed by carnivorous Aliens, well by jingo, by crikey that takes hate to another level. F@@# oath it does, Bazza puts pedal to the medal on his big Mack semi, and with ACA DACA's TNT playing, he heads home to his Dad's country property for revenge.

Along with Bazza is Killer and Thriller, two dangerous drop bears, Eddie the Emu, Bazza's Dad Dazza and his gun-toting Nan, who did a face swap with Bob Hawke but never gave his face back.